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2023 / 94' / Ukraine

A tragicomedy about an amateur theater in Volyn. Seeking to overcome his personal crisis, а renowned stage and screen actor Petro returns from the capital city to his native village to create a theatre with his fellow villagers, thus proving to himself what he is still capable of.


Screenings schedule:

22.08, 13:30, Ivan Mykolaichuk Cultural Center (140 Holovna Street, Chernivtsi)

23.08, 16:30, Chernivtsi Concert Hall (10 Universitetska Street, Chernivtsi)




Olga Semak was born in Dnipro. She studied journalism at Oles Honchar National University of Dnipro and graduated from the graduate school (Department of Cultural Studies of Journalists). She started out as a newspaper reporter and PR manager. Since 2006 she has worked as a journalist for the leading Ukrainian TV-channels STB and ICTV. In 2017 she founded her own production studio Metropolis Film Company.

Selected filmography

  • Demiurge (2023)


Producer: Olena Semak

Screenwriter: Olga Semak

DOP: Serhiy Syvko, Oleksandr Techynskiy

Production: Metropolis Film Company,


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