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2023 / 83' / Ukraine

The main character of the film is a Ukrainian actor of theater and cinema, the performer of the role of Hamlet, a director and head of a children's studio and a folk theater at a time when darkness enveloped Ukraine. One day, circumstances that unexpectedly arose due to enemy attacks threaten one of his projects, the presentation of which is expected by a large number of viewers. Will he be able to find the Light and a way out of the situation and again affirmatively answer the question "To be or not to be?".


Screenings schedule:

19.08, 13:30, Chernivtsi Concert Hall (10 Universitetska Street, Chernivtsi)




Viktor Bulyha in addition to film production, he is also engaged in festival and educational film projects. In particular, he is the founder and director of the Rivne International Film Festival "Dreams City", the head of the "Film School in Rivne" and "Shades of Victory Film Laboratory (Chernivtsi)" project"

Selected filmography:

  • Tunnel (2014),

  • I love the Museum (2015),

  • Cavaliers (2017),

  • Walnut (2018),

  • Hamlet of Light (2023)


Producer: Viktor Bulyha, Oleh Ushchenko

Screenwriter: Viktor Bulyha

DOP: Ivan Morarash, Yevheniy Chyzyk, Valeriy Martyniuk

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Cast: Ivan Danilin

Production: Colors United Production,,


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